Cybersecurity Oath
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Cybersecurity Oath

I solemnly swear to uphold to the best of my ability and judgement, in all my professional duties, personal practices, and future endeavors, the tenets of this pledge:

I will treat all people with value and dignity.

I will seek the best interests of others.

I will strive to recognize, take ownership, and appropriately communicate my mistakes and exercise patience toward others who make errors.

I will be honest, and trustworthy, and above reproach in my actions and communications.

I will not be a lone wolf, but will instead work collaboratively with my peers and superiors.

I will endeavor to exercise patience, wisdom, and self-control in all situations.

I will not steal and will do everything within my power to prevent theft in all its forms.

I will protect and respect the privacy of others.

You will receive a PDF that you can personalize and print. For the most optimal experience, we recommend using a computer to download & personalize your oath.