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Eight Things Every Montreat Student Knows to be True

By Emily Wells Every school has its little quirks and special tendencies that make it unique. Montreat College is no different. Montreat may have its certain oddities, but that is what makes us love it all the more, and it is these little unique things that bring us...

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Montreat College Announces Returning Board Member Bill Dudley

Montreat College announced today that Rev. Dr. William Dudley, executive pastor at ChristChurch Presbyterian in Dalton, Ga., and pastor emeritus at Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tenn., has re-joined the college's Board of Trustees. He previously...

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Montreat College Students Attend 40th Annual College Ethics Symposium

Four Montreat College business students attended the 40th annual College Ethics Symposium in Hilton Head, S.C., on October 19-21. The symposium focuses on important ethical issues in business and society, and this year’s event attracted students from over 20 schools...