Find support info for your email account here.


Montreat College uses Microsoft Exchange for Office 365 and provides support for access to your email via Outlook Web Access and Desktop for Windows PCs,  Macs, and mobile.

Security Guidelines – Our mail system has a dedicated spam and virus filter.  All email is filtered through this device.  Nevertheless you should follow some general guidelines with your email for your own security and for the security of the college.

Vacation – An easy way to manage your vacation settings is through the Outlook Web Access.  You can turn on and off vacation mode through the web access portal


If you are going on vacation and want to set up a vacation away message autoresponder, whether you are using a Mac or Windows PC, you can manage your settings from Outlook web Access.

  1. Go to Outlook Web Access at   and log in to your web mail with your organizational account ( and password.
  2. There’s a gear near the top right, which is a settings menu.  Find it and click on it.
  3. Choose “Set Automatic Replies” from that menu, and set the options you want there.  Save.
  4. Have a nice vacation.

Security Guidelines

While the College has an integrated spam and virus filtering system for email, there are still some common practices you should use when dealing with your email:

Phishing Attacks – This type of attack tries to dupe you into logging in to a fake website to access an account.  If you are deceived by this dupe, you will be providing a hacker your username and password to a potentially highly secure account.  The best way to stay safe with a phishing attack is to not ever click on links in emails to access web accounts.  Instead, always type the website address into your web browser URL area.

Note that it is safe to click on “account confirmation” links in emails when you sign up for them, but even then you can also copy and paste the link rather than clicking on it.  You should only receive these messages when you sign up for something on a website anyway.  But do not enter your username and password on a web page that displays after clicking on a link in your email.

Attachments – Do not open attachments from untrusted sources. If you receive a questionable attachment from a friend, you may want to confirm with the friend that they sent the message before you open the attachment.  A generic message like..

“Hey!  Check out my latest poem!”

That has a document attached to it might be sent by a virus on a friend’s computer that faked the message.  Correspondingly, if you send an attachment to someone, you may want to put more than just a generic message in your message body so that your recipient knows that you wrote it personally.

Setting up Email on your Mobile Device

Please note that if you enable Montreat email on your phone or tablet, you’ll have to use a numeric lock code for your device.  Unfortunately, a swipe screen lock interface is not yet supported.  So keep that in mind before you choose to put your college account onto your phone.

That being said,

Instructions for iPhone, iPad

  1. Open your settings
  2. Find the Mail tab, and click “Add Account”
  3. Choose “Microsoft Eschange” and add your organizational account – your username with on the end of it, which may or may not be the same as your Montreat email address.
  4. Leave the description blank
  5. All options should be “ON”
  6. Save

Instructions for Android

  1. Go to your Android settings and click “Add Account”
  2. Choose Microsoft ActiveSync, or Corporate Email
  3. Enter in your organizational account for the account name.  Your organizational account is your username with on the end of it, which may or may not be the same as your Montreat email address.
  4. Select Auto Configure.
  5. Save

If the Auto Configure does not work, or if it is not available, try manually specifying the server as: