College-Approved Cloud Storage


Montreat College is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive data the college collects and preserves. The college also recognizes the need for a cloud storage solution that empowers and encourages faculty, staff, and students to utilize a one-source secure and reliable collaborative tool that provides anytime, anywhere access to non-sensitive college data. As cloud storage becomes increasingly prevalent and storage locations proliferate, the advantages of a college approved singular cloud storage provider to assist in collaborative academic endeavors become evident. The college therefore provides college approved cloud storage solutions. By providing secure and accessible data storage solutions for faculty, staff, and students the college continues to promote and provide for the security of college data while maintaining data accessibility.

Data Classification Restrictions

In order to meet current data security requirements, certain restrictions need to be placed on collecting, processing, storing, or sharing certain data within the cloud environment.

  • Data that is public or consider to be non-sensitive may be stored in the college-approved cloud storage locations.
  • Sensitive college data may not be stored in any cloud storage location with the exception of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulated data. FERPA regulated data is permitted to be stored in cloud storage locations.
  • Data that falls under the Protected Health Information (PHI/HIPAA) classification may not be stored in any cloud storage locations.
  • Any data that contains Social Security Number information may not be stored in any cloud storage locations.

As a result of the restrictions placed on cloud storage faculty, staff, or student members will assume responsibility and be held liable for any data breach that results from utilizing a non-college approved cloud storage provider for their college related restricted data storage needs.

Approved Cloud Storage

Montreat College provides two forms of approved cloud storage for non-sensitive documents:

Google Drive: accessible at; log in with your Montreat College email address and password.

Microsoft OneDrive: accessible at; log in with your Montreat College email address and password, and then click on the OneDrive tile.

Definitions of Terms

Sensitive Data: Data such as social security numbers, personal health information (PHI), personal identity information (PII), financial data, proprietary data, graded papers, etc. that must be handled with the utmost care, stored securely, and be protected to the greatest possible extent.

Contact Information

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Revision History

Initial Draft: 08/18/2016
Revised: 09/02/2016

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