Dr. Anna Hardy

Assistant Professor of Natural Science


Kevin Auman

Dr. Anna Hardy earned a BS in Biology in Wheaton College before completing both an MS and a Ph.D. in marine biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). Before coming to Montreat College in 2023, she taught biology labs for six years at UNCW as part of her graduate studies. Her primary field of study is ecology, and most of her research has focused on marine environments, such as the study of Oystercatcher eggshells to understand toxic-metal contamination in a river system.

When she isn’t teaching, Dr. Hardy enjoys rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors, with her husband. They live with their dog, Daisy, and two cats, Chrissie and Mimi.


Zarn, A.M., Valle, C.A., Brasso, R., Fetzner, W. & Emslie, S.D. 2020. Stable isotope and mercury analyses of the Galápagos Islands seabird community. Marine Ornithology 48: 71-80.