Readmission of Former Students

The Admissions Office oversees the readmit process. Students formerly enrolled at Montreat College who, for any reason, have not attended classes at Montreat for a semester or more must submit the following:

  • A formal readmit application from the Montreat College website.
  • A medical examination report and immunization record filled out in full and signed by a physician. Please see the “Health Forms” section of our Health Services web page for complete information.
  • Official transcripts from each institution attended since leaving Montreat College. Any student readmitting to Montreat College must have a minimum combined GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for all academic work completed while at Montreat College and at any other institutions during the time since attending Montreat College.
  • Students who have left Montreat College on Academic Probation must submit an essay to the Admissions Review Committee explaining why they will now be academically successful.
  • Students who have left Montreat College on Academic Suspension and wish to be readmitted may apply after an absence of one semester. They must submit an essay explaining why they will now be academically successful and transcript(s) showing completion of two college-level courses from another institution(s) with grades of “C” or above since leaving Montreat College. These documents will be examined by the Admissions Review Committee which may request an interview or letters of recommendation prior to making an admissions determination.
  • Students who have been suspended due to academic dishonesty will not be eligible to reapply to Montreat College for at least two (2) years after dismissal. These students must write letters of appeal for readmission addressed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College.

Students must be cleared by Financial Services, Student Services, and Athletics, if applicable, prior to readmission. Students who do not meet all standards for readmission will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Admissions Review Committee. If students have been withdrawn for more than five years, they are classified as new students and must go through either the “Admission of First-Year Students” or the “Transfer Admission” process. Please contact the Admissions Office for appropriate readmission procedures at 828-669-8012 or