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Homeschool Students

“This school really fits the ideals I was raised with as a homeschooler.”
– Madelyn Hambrick, Montreat College student

What do homeschool students and families love about Montreat College?

First-year homeschool students should submit the following admissions requirements:

  • A free online application for admission: Students can now choose a test-optional application or a standard application.
  • All homeschool students must submit a transcript with high school credits and GPA information to be considered for acceptance. A final official transcript must be submitted before a student can enroll; this document must be signed by the homeschool administrator. High school core class recommendations include four years of English, three years of science, three years of social studies, three years of math (Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry), and at least one year of a foreign language.
  • Students who choose the standard application must submit an SAT, ACT, or CLT test score report.
  • Students earning high school dual-enrollment college credits must submit all college transcripts to the Admissions Office. High school students who have earned or are earning dual-enrollment college credits should apply to Montreat College as First-Time students, not as Transfer students.
  • Students earning CLEP or AP credits must submit score reports to the Admissions Office.

Transcripts and score reports can be emailed to or mailed to Montreat College Admissions, PO Box 1267, Montreat, NC 28757. Questions? Email or call the admissions office at 828.669.8012.