The Korean Christian Heritage Scholarship at Montreat College

Why Korea?

Christian Protestant missionaries from the United States and other countries came to Korea 130 years ago to share the good news of Jesus Christ through evangelism, modern medicine, and education. A strong church and economy emerged after the Korean War. Over the years Christians in the business and military communities added their witness. The largest churches in the world are in South Korea. They value education. This country has the highest percentage of PhDs per capita in the world. Southern Presbyterian missionaries were trained, commissioned, and sent out from Montreat, an area considered “holy ground” for Presbyterians.


To allow a Korean citizen student, who is called of God to be in Christian ministry, to be able to attend Montreat College for four years.

Ideal candidate

A scholar with a burning heart for Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

A burning heart symbolizes a student’s desire to be well-grounded in the Bible with a practicing prayer life and a zeal to witness to others. The ideal candidate should be one who strengthens the faith of Christians and is an effective apologist, engaging the lost, skeptics and secularists. This person is willing to let the Holy Spirit guide them in pursuit of knowledge, prayer, and gifts.

Ministry can be expressed through a wide range of vocations, inside and outside the church, such as: pastor, evangelist, children/youth/ young adult ministry, musician, counselor, chaplain, educator, missionary, medical, legal, law enforcement, cybersecurity, accounting, architecture, construction, research, athletics, real estate, artist, writer, journalist, entrepreneur.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Possess a burning heart for Christ
  • Acceptance to Montreat College’s Honors Program. Honors program academic criteria: 3.5 minimum unweighted GPA (3.4 for transfer students) or qualifying test score (1200 SAT, 25 ACT, or 78 CLT). For more information on the Honors Program and to apply, visit the Honors Program page.
  • Maintain eligibility in the Honors Program

The college Admissions Department determines scholarship recipient. Contact International Admissions Counselor: Andre Dinca (

Application Deadline

Two applications must be completed by January 1 (Undergraduate Application and Honors Program Application).

Award Amount

Recipients will receive a KCHS award equal to one-third of the total cost of tuition and fees as published on the college’s website. Additionally, the college commits to awarding another third through other applicable scholarships.