Adult Undergraduate Transfer Students

Montreat College welcomes students who are transferring from other colleges and universities. We review every transcript in order to accept as many credits as possible to keep students on track to complete their degrees and ensure a smooth transition to Montreat College. For a complete listing of our conditions of acceptance of transfer credit, click here.

If you have taken classes at a North Carolina Community College, take a look at our list of most common courses and how they will transfer to Montreat. You can find the list of our Adult and Graduate Studies course equivalencies here.

If you plan to/have earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from a North Carolina Community College, you may participate in the Independent Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. To be eligible for the transfer of all credits under this agreement, you must graduate with an AA or AS degree, have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, and earn a grade of “C” or better in all ICAA courses. If you meet these requirements, your general education requirements will be met, and all ICAA courses will transfer to Montreat College. View details about this agreement.

If you plan to attend Montreat College after attending a NC community college, you should use one of our Four-Year Degree Plans (contact for current information). These guides will ensure that you are taking the courses you need to stay on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Montreat College two years after you receive your associate’s degree. If your desired major doesn’t have a Four-Year Plan, just contact the Registrar’s Office and we’ll work out the details with you.