Montreat College’s English program gives students the vital skills needed to excel in a wide range of post-graduate callings and careers.

Whether your focus is literature, creative writing, or professional writing, our English program will help you learn to read deeply and critically, to write gracefully and persuasively, and help you view both your reading and writing in the context of the biblical story.

Montreat blends literature, creative writing, and public information into a unified major.

Four concentrations: creative writing, literature, professional writing, special emphasis.

100% placement rate for Montreat College English students applying to graduate school.

English students receive writing instruction from published fiction and non-fiction authors.

Sample Courses

EN 307 Romantic British Literature

A study of the major Romantic writers, including William Blake, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, George Gordon, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and John Keats.

EN 326 Writing Children’s Literature

An in-depth study of creative writing technique specific to children’s literature. Participants will become familiar with current trends in children’s literature, imitate a favorite author’s work, read and discuss major children’s novels, and draft/workshop/compose twenty pages of original children’s literature.

EN 405 The Imagination and Apologetics of C.S. Lewis

This course will offer a comprehensive view of the works of C.S. Lewis with a focus upon how his imagination helped to shape his apologetics. In addition to reading selections from his letters, journals, poems, fiction, non-fiction, and apologetics, students will view and discuss important new video productions of Lewis’ life in order to gain a perspective on the ideas, thoughts, and opinions of the most popular Christian author of the twentieth century. Because Lewis has powerfully influenced so many people, this course will explore his approach to making Christianity intellectually reasonable, theologically winsome, and spiritually compelling. While open to all students who have completed a sophomore level literature course, this course is designed in particular for students majoring in English and Bible and Religion.

Career Opportunities

  • Journalist
  • Screenwriter
  • Television Reporter
  • Technical Writer
  • Teacher
  • Consultant
  • Advertising Copy Writer
  • Grant Writer
  • Nonprofit Administrator
  • Media Analyst
  • Marketing/Sales Manager
  • Librarian
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Copy Writer
  • Communications Specialist
Dr. Kimberly Angle

Dr. Kimberly Angle

Associate Professor of English

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Dr. Rich Gray

Dr. Rich Gray

Professor of English

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Dr. Cynthia Howell

Dr. Cynthia Howell

Associate Professor of English

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Dr. Don King

Dr. Don King

Professor of English

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Our literature concentration allows students to learn literary interpretation by examining a wide range of literary texts. Students select courses from three broad categories:

  • early British literature
  • later British literature
  • United States literature

Historical, Christian, and formal modes of interpretation are stressed, emphasizing the connections between classic imaginative stories and the issues of human meaning found in art, economics, history, and current events.

Creative Writing

This concentration focuses on your writing in multiple formats, such as poetry, short fiction, literary non-fiction, and the novella. Classes are set up as small, workshop-style intensives. And student work is showcased through the college sponsored reading series and by submission to Q, the Montreat College literary magazine. Our future poets, essayists, and novelists—all Montreat College student writers—are encouraged to share their voice through participation in area writing festivals, contests, lectures, and public readings.

Professional Writing

Our professional writing concentration allows you to explore career tracks in English and related disciplines such as Communications. You’ll also receive a thorough grounding in literature—with the essential development of analytical and critical-thinking skills.

Special Emphasis

You can design a program of study focused on your interests, even when they’re outside the core curriculum of an English major. Working with an English faculty member, you can select courses from other institutions or departments that can be integrated into your specific discipline. Please note that the special emphasis must be approved by your academic advisor prior to completing 60 credit hours.

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