Educational Studies

Educational Studies is a non-certification program that prepares students to work outside the traditional classroom setting.

Students in the Educational Studies program will develop a better understanding of the teaching and learning process in order to work in organizations that support the development of children, youth, and adults.

The Educational Studies program also prepares students for graduate study in other liberal arts areas such as counseling, social work, youth ministry, and more.

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Provides educational opportunities outside the teacher certification program

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Preparation for teaching in church, youth, homeschool, and private school environments

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Integrates the science of teaching with practical preparation for a variety of settings

Sample Courses

ED 150 Foundations of Education

This course is designed to study the profession of teaching, its history and foundations, goals, trends, issues, philosophies, and the diversity of our modern school population. Research related to content knowledge necessary to Elementary Education preparation is emphasized. Also, the legal aspects of teaching are introduced and discussed. Introduction to licensure requirements is begun. Students will complete background checks and NC Health Forms to be kept on file for students to complete Focused Field Experiences in remaining Education courses.

ED 240 Technology in Education

General and content-area applications of technology for education students is emphasized. Terminology, ethical issues, and integration of technology into instruction is included. Course requires 6 hours Focused Field Experiences.

ED 430 Diversity and Exceptionalities in the Classroom

This course is designed to explore alternative ways of viewing, understanding, and teaching the exceptional child. Students will be introduced to the cognitive, behavioral, physical, and emotional characteristics of children who are classified as exceptional learners. Focus will be placed on planning appropriate, differentiated instruction, using a variety of instructional strategies, and collaborating with educational partners and guardians.

Career Opportunities

  • Adult/GED education
  • Private/Christian school education
  • Teaching English overseas
  • Prison education
  • Youth advocacy/community programs
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Youth ministry
  • Supplemental education
  • Counseling and social work


Amy Flagler
Visiting Assistant Professor of Education
Studies in Education and Outdoor Recreation
Faculty of Science and Human Services

Linda Neuzil

Dr. Linda Neuzil
Associate Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Education
Chair, Studies in Education and Outdoor Recreation
Faculty of Science and Human Services

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