Bible and Theology

The Bible and Theology program prepares students for theological seminaries or graduate schools of religion.

Montreat College’s Bible faculty challenges students academically, assisting them in wrestling with the spiritual and practical implications of the subject matter while providing specific expertise to enhance the educational experience.

Montreat’s Bible department is committed to exploring the relationship between faith and learning, and the relevance of the Christian faith for all disciplines of study.

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Learn Greek as part of your New Testament scholarship

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Instruction and mentoring from a distinctly Reformed perspective

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Focus on preparation for seminaries and graduate schools of religion

Sample Courses

BB 302 Romans

An intensive study of the letter and its setting in Paul’s ministry. The course also treats the biblical theology developed in the letter.

BB 305 Biblical Interpretation

A study of the history, problems and methods of biblical interpretation, including a study of biblical-theological themes of the Old and New Testaments.

BB 308 Apocalyptic Literature

A survey of the history, development, and interpretation of biblical Apocalyptic literature with special emphasis on Daniel and the Revelation of John.

Career Opportunities

  • Senior pastor
  • Associate pastor
  • Biblical scholar and author
  • Missionary
  • Chaplain
  • Bible or seminary professor


Paul Owen

Dr. Paul Owen
Professor of Bible and Ministry

Photo of Alex Sosler

Dr. Alex Sosler
Assistant Professor of Bible and Ministry

Mark Wells

Dr. Mark Wells
Professor of Bible and Ministry

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