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Montreat College’s MBA program will help you advance your career by providing graduate-level training in the theory and practice of contemporary business management, with practical application from domestic and global perspectives. The mission of Montreat’s business program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve in today’s competitive business environment and to cultivate in all students an entrepreneurial and ethical spirit.

Montreat College’s Master’s of Business Administration program is offered in Asheville, Charlotte, and online.


Choose from one of our three MBA tracks: General MBA, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or Cybersecurity Management.


Complete your MBA degree in just 30 credits—in under two years—taking just one class weekly, seated or online.


Develop your skills in our four areas of focus: Character Development, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, and Business Competencies.

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Academic Information
Tuition & Aid

2018-19 MBA Tuition and Fees


$510 per credit hour


• Graduation fee: $60
• Technology fee: $35 per semester

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Admissions Requirements

To qualify for admission into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, the following conditions must be satisfied in addition to the standard graduate admissions requirements:

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 *
  • Submit two letters of professional reference
  • Submit a current resume that includes both academic and employment history
  • Submit official transcripts for all colleges attended.
  • Submit GMAT scores **
  • Completion of one undergraduate or graduate course in each of the following areas: accounting, economics, finance, and statistics, or completion of the HBS Online CORE program. ***

Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75
Minimum formula score of 1,000 [(GPA X 200) + GMAT]

* If the applicant has a cumulative GPA below 2.75, a “Low GPA” essay can be submitted, for non-F-1 students. The essay should cover challenges that contributed to the low GPA, as well as specifically what the applicant will do to maintain a 3.0 overall GPA in the MBA program.

** GMAT scores are only valid for 5 years. The GMAT requirement is waived under two circumstances:

  1. The applicant has completed a graduate program in full and is verified by receipt of official transcripts.
  2. The applicant has completed a degree at Montreat College within the past 3 years.

*** For the Cybersecurity Management concentration an undergraduate degree in MIS, CIS, cybersecurity, or equivalent degree or experience is strongly recommended.

Acceptance into the MBA program must be recommended by the AGS business department. The AGS business department makes the final, official offer of admission. Meeting minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee acceptance.

Program Requirements

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BS 510 Foundations of Leadership and Communication (Shared with MSML)
This introductory course introduces students to graduate studies at Montreat College and elaborates on the foundational skills required for leaders. Topics covered include character development, ethics, stewardship, critical thinking techniques, self-management skills, communication skills, and collaborative learning.

BS 531 Ethics, Law, and the Global Business Landscape (Shared with MSML)
Legal and ethical issues abound in today’s complex global business situations. In BS 531, legal and ethical questions are addressed in a case study method and applied to contemporary global business issues. Personal and group ethics will be explored through projects and exercises, for the purpose of character formation.

BS 546 Quality Operations: Lean, Six Sigma, and TQM
This course prepares students to develop and manage organizational processes and systems, focusing on leading quality management through frameworks such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management (TQM). Students apply quantitative methods, critical thinking, and communication skills as they learn to identify and reduce waste to make business operations more efficient and more effective.

BS 552 Applied Economics for Decision-Making
Intelligent business decision-making requires understanding economic theories, the ability to assess risk, and the incorporation of multiple types of information. In BS 552, These skills be will be taught through practical methods, such as case studies, exercises, simulations, games, and role playing.

BS 550 Financial Management Practices
Understanding and applying financial decision-making skills are a crucial part of business success. Students in BS 550 will develop these skills through examining the relationship between financial markets and institutions. Key topics include liquidity, risk management, receivables, payables, cash flow, and capital budgeting, capital valuation, and mergers.

BS 537 Quantitative Methods and Data Analytics
This course is designed to provide the graduate student in business with the skills to apply the techniques of quantitative analysis to various types of organizational decision-making situations. Quantitative methods will be used to gain a greater understanding of causation correlation, probability, and risk.

BS 570 Advanced Managerial Accounting
Students in BS 570 will learn to critically approach accounting information from a managerial perspective. Topics such as accounting procedures and practices, which include cost/volume/profit analysis, capital expenditure planning, and financial and capital budgeting, as well as project planning and control will be explored.

BS 581 Strategic Planning and Competitive Analysis
Strategy development, planning, implementation, and measurement, are fundamental to successful organizational leadership. BS 581 prepares students to critically analyze the competitive landscape and to lead organizations through the strategic planning process.

ML 575 Leadership, Management, and Organizational Behavior (Shared with MSML)
Drawn from the behavioral and social sciences, this course examines leadership theories and management issues as they relate to organizational behavior. Students will compare and contrast management behaviors and write papers on topics such as organizational culture, intercultural diversity, knowledge management, and other organizational issues influencing management decisions.

ML 540 Marketing Strategies for Managers and Leaders (Shared with MSML)
This course covers planning and implementing marketing strategies and tactics from a management perspective, with an emphasis on the discipline of maintaining customer focus in local and global markets. Students will learn marketing strategies related to pricing, promotions, and distribution, and examine the various theories and applications of internet marketing.

Additional Cybersecurity Management Concentration Course Listings

BS 532 Ethics, Law, and Cybersecurity
Society’s ethical understanding of privacy, security, and hacking is changing all of the time; global information security and privacy laws are still in their infancy. In this course, students will develop moral reasoning skills that will help them navigate the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity, practicing character-building through exercises in preparation for dealing with difficult ethical and legal situations.

BS 528 Leading Cybersecurity Through Organizational Change
Cybersecurity is a human issue as much as it is a technical issue. This course explores how organizational design and organizational culture affect cybersecurity, and how managers can lead cybersecurity through organizational change. Course topics include developing a culture of security, reducing internal threats, policy development, and managing to risk, and organizational cybersecurity strategy.

BS 537 Managing Cybersecurity Compliance and Auditing
Auditing the cybersecurity of an enterprise and developing monitoring systems in order to meet regulatory compliance is a key component of Cybersecurity Management. Students in this course will learn how to manage employees and teams in order to assess security, identify vulnerabilities and threats, and propose and implement solutions.

Additional Entrepreneurship Concentration Course Listings

BS 572 Lean Strategy for Entrepreneurs
Lean Strategy for Entrepreneurs prepares students to use Lean principles to rapidly create and vet startup products and organizations. Students in this course will learn how to quickly and effectively move from concept to customer-validated product, thereby increasing their probability of success as entrepreneurs.

BS 573 Creativity, Design Thinking, and Product Innovation
This course explores the space between your ears and teaches how to use your God-given brain to create wonderful, exciting, and interesting business ideas and products. Students in this course will learn to use creative problem solving and design principles in order to identify innovative new product opportunities, design new products, and pitch startup concepts to classmates and potential investors.

BS 574 Financial Issues in Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs face many challenges, such as identifying funding sources, calculating reasonable valuation, forecasting revenues, budgeting, and managing cash flow. Students in this course will use case studies and simulations to actively learn to address financial issues in entrepreneurship.

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William Cunningham '17

I returned to get my MBA to not only further my career opportunities but to excel in my personal life as a Christian leader in the community. Montreat helped me choose the right track for my education and career needs. It was never about enrolling, as much as it was “…where do you want to be in five or ten years and how can we help get you there?”

William Cunningham '17

I returned to get my MBA to not only further my career opportunities but to excel in my personal life as a Christian leader in the community. Working with the Montreat staff was probably one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in enrolling in a program. From credit transfer to class scheduling, Montreat helped me choose the right track for my education and career needs. It was never about enrolling, as much as it was “…where do you want to be in five or ten years and how can we help get you there?”

Stephen Dukas

Dr. Stephen P. Dukas
Associate Professor of Accounting/Finance

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Dr. Paul Gratton
Assistant Professor of Business

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