Dr. Zachary Rhone

Assistant Professor of English
Chair, History, Language, and Literature 
Faculty of Christianity, Culture, and Human Expression
Director of the Writing Program (Writing Scholar Mentor Program and the Writing Center)

Zachary Rhone

Dr. Zachary Rhone joined the Montreat College faculty in 2022 as an assistant professor of English. He specializes in nineteenth- and twentieth-century British literature, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and authors J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton and George MacDonald. His recent research includes worldbuilding and interactive narratives, including video games.

In addition to research writing, he is an active technical and creative writer. As a technical writer, Dr. Rhone writes for web media. In this vein, some of his classes learn these skills and engage in service learning projects to support non-profit organizations. As a creative writer, he writes poetry, short stories, children’s stories, and novels.

His love for learning leads him to read and learn across disciplines and to revel in the many wonders of God’s creation. He enjoys building worlds, designing and playing tabletop games, cooking and preparing all kinds of foods and beverages, growing things, singing, and songwriting. He loves spending time with his family and his creator, especially in the outdoors.


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