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Classes start June 24, 2024

Become a business leader.

Montreat College’s MBA program will help you advance your career by providing graduate-level training in the theory and practice of contemporary business management, with practical application from domestic and global perspectives. The mission of Montreat’s business program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve in today’s competitive business environment and to cultivate in all students an entrepreneurial and ethical spirit.

MBA Online Degree Program Highlights

  • Complete your MBA degree in just 30 credits—twenty months—taking just one class at a time fully online.
  • Develop your skills in our four areas of focus: Character Development, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, and Business Competencies.

For over 25 years, Montreat College’s School of Adult and Graduate Studies in North Carolina has been helping adult students acquire essential skills, complete their degrees, and take their career to the next level. Montreat offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in a classroom or online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Montreat College’s MBA program offered?

Courses are offered online.


When are the start dates for the MBA degree program?

Please see the admissions page for specific enrollment and start dates.

How long does it take to complete the MBA degree program?

The general MBA program requires completion of 30 credit hours. If students take a full-time load each term—one class at a time continuously throughout the program—they should complete the program 20 months.

What is the length of the online MBA courses?

The courses for this graduate program are eight-week sessions. There are 2 sessions in a semester. To be considered a full-time graduate student, a student must take 6 credit hours per semester. The student must take 1 course (3 credit hours) the first eight-week session and 1 course (3 credit hours) the second eight-week session. Semesters in this Master of Business Administration Degree Program are Spring, Summer, and Fall.


How much does the MBA degree program cost?

Montreat College programs are competitively priced, and we offer multiple forms of financial aid to help you achieve your educational goals.  Please see the current AGS Tuition and Fees page here.  Also, please keep in mind that there are multiple college and government financial aid programs available to help mitigate the cost of your education. You can learn more about your financial aid options.

What jobs can you pursue with a MBA degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics (BLS), the job market for business and financial professionals is expected to grow 10% from 2016-26, faster than the job market generally. Business and finance jobs include: accountants and auditors, budget analysts, financial analysts and advisors, financial examiners, fundraisers, loan officers, market research analysts, purchasing agents and managers, tax specialists, and many more.​


What is the job market like for people with MBA degree?

Globalization, a growing economy, and a complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to continue to lead to strong demand for accountants and auditors. In addition, increasing usage of data and market research in order to understand customers and product demand, and to evaluate marketing strategies, will lead to growing demand for market research analysts.


How much money do MBA professionals typically make?

According to the BLS, business and financial professionals earn an average annual salary of $68,350. However, the amount of money that such professionals make depends on many factors, including region, industry, and specialization.


What are the admissions requirements?

To qualify for admission into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, the following conditions must be satisfied in addition to the standard graduate admissions requirements:

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 *
  • Submit a current resume that includes both academic and employment history
  • Submit official transcripts for all colleges attended.
  • Completion of one undergraduate or graduate course in each of the following areas: finance, accounting, economics, and statistics, passing completion of Peregrine Global Services Academic modules in finance, accounting, macro-economics or micro-economics or the HBX Online CORe program.

The Peregrine Global Services Academic modules provides four courses to Montreat Students. Each course provides a 20 question pre-test, about 4-6 hours of instructional content, and a 20 question post-test. View the Peregrine user guide or begin the registration process.

The Credential of Readiness (CORe) is Harvard Business Extension’s (HBX’s) online primer course on the fundamentals of business thinking—a three-course online program designed to prepare students for the business world. Completion of HBX CORe fulfills the accounting, economics, and statistics admission requirements for the Montreat College MBA. For more information on HBX CORe, go online to

* If the applicant has a cumulative GPA below 2.75 or a GMAT/GPA formula score under 1,000, a “Low GPA” essay can be submitted, for non-F-1 students. The essay should cover challenges that contributed to the low GPA, as well as specifically what the applicant will do to maintain a 3.0 overall GPA in the MBA program.

Additional Information

  • No GMAT or GRE required.
  • Acceptance into the MBA program must be recommended by the AGS business department. The AGS Director of Enrollment makes the final, official offer of admission. Meeting minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee acceptance.

What are the degree requirements?

  • Completion of all undergraduate prerequisites
  • Completion of the 30 semester credits required for the degree, including a minimum of 24 semester credits of graduate work at Montreat College (a maximum of 6 credit hours may be transferred from a regionally accredited institution)
  • Successful completion of a capstone project

If students successfully complete a full-time load each term, they should complete this program in 1.5 years of 4 terms.


Prerequisite courses for MBA
  • BUSN 5601 requires a prerequisite of MATH 1210 Statistics or equivalent.
  • BUSN 5202 requires a prerequisite of BUSN 4207 Corporate Finance or equivalent.
  • BUSN 5611 requires a prerequisite of BUSN 2622 Economics, or a course in micro or macroeconomics, or equivalent.
  • BUSN 5205 requires a prerequisite of BUSN 2201 Principles of Accounting I or equivalent.
BUSN 5110 Foundations of Leadership and Communication

This course introduces students to business graduate studies at Montreat College and elaborates on the foundational skills required for leaders. Topics covered include: character development, ethics, stewardship, critical thinking techniques, self-­management skills, communication skills, and collaborative learning.

BUSN 5304 Marketing Strategies for Managers and Leaders

This course is an integrated approach to planning and implementing marketing strategies and tactics from a management perspective with an emphasis on the discipline of maintaining customer focus in highly diverse local and global markets. The course covers the review of marketing principles by which products and services are designed to meet customer needs and priced, promoted, and distributed to the end users. The course also examines the theory and application of internet marketing.

BUSN 5508 Ethics, Law and the Global Business Landscape

This course is a survey of legal and ethical issues facing management in complex global business situations. Legal and ethical question are addressed in a case study method. Traditional ethical theories are studied and applied to contemporary global business issues. This includes the nature, formation, and system of law in the United States, and how it relates to international business. Additionally, personal and group ethics will be explored through projects and exercises, for the purpose of character formation.

BUSN 5607 Quality Operations Management

This course prepares students to develop and manage organizational processes and systems. This includes a focus on leading quality management through frameworks such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management (TQM). Students will apply quantitative methods, critical thinking, and communication skills as they learn to identify and reduce waste in order to make business operations more efficient and more effective.

BUSN 5202 Financial Management Practices

The course is designed to provide students with financial decision-making skills by examining in detail the relationships between financial markets and institutions. Issues related to liquidity, risk management, receivables, payables, cash flow, and capital budgeting are explored. Selected topics in capital valuations, mergers, takeovers, and reorganizations are evaluated. Prerequisite: BUSN 4207 Issues in Corporate Finance, BUSN 5208 Accounting and Financial Skills for Leadership, or the equivalent.

BUSN 5611 Applied Economics for Decision-Making

This course focuses on economic models and data analysis for real-world decision­making. Intelligent business decision-making requires understanding of economic theories, the ability to assess risk, and the incorporation of multiple types of information. These skills be will be taught through practical methods, such as case studies, exercises, simulations, games, and role-playing.

BUSN 5601 Quantitative Methods and Data Analytics

This course is designed to provide the graduate student in business with the skills to apply the techniques of quantitative analysis to various types of organizational decision-making situations. Quantitative methods will be used to gain a greater understanding of causation correlation, probability, and risk.

BUSN 5205 Advanced Managerial Accounting

This course examines accounting information from a managerial perspective. Accounting procedures and practices, which include cost/volume/profit analysis, capital expenditure planning, and financial and capital budgeting, as well as project planning and control will be examined. Practical application will be the focus of study. Use of spreadsheet applications will be encouraged. Prerequisite: BUSN 2201 Financial Accounting or the equivalent.

BUSN 5817 Leadership, Management, and Organizational Behavior

Drawn from the behavioral and social sciences, this course examines leadership theories and management issues as they relate to organizational behavior. Students will compare and contrast leadership and management behaviors, assess theories of motivation, and write papers on topics such as organizational culture, intercultural diversity, knowledge management, team and group dynamics, and office politics, other organizational issues influencing management decisions.

BUSN 5412 Strategic Planning and Competitive Analysis (Capstone)

This course is designed to train students in strategy development, planning, implementation, and measurement. Multiple schools of thought on strategy are examined, with an emphasis on strategic planning, taught through case studies, examples, and exercises. Includes capstone project.

William Cunningham ’17

I returned to get my MBA to not only further my career opportunities but to excel in my personal life as a Christian leader in the community. Montreat helped me choose the right track for my education and career needs. It was never about enrolling, as much as it was “…where do you want to be in five or ten years and how can we help get you there?”

William Cunningham ’17

I returned to get my MBA to not only further my career opportunities but to excel in my personal life as a Christian leader in the community. Montreat helped me choose the right track for my education and career needs. It was never about enrolling, as much as it was “…where do you want to be in five or ten years and how can we help get you there?”


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Portrait of Paul Gratton

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