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Classes start August 26, 2024

Preparing you for a career in Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program equips students with critical thinking skills regarding human development and behavior, research methods for understanding learning and processing, as well as foundational elements of personality theory and brain structure. The online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program empowers students to better understand, educate and lead those they will work with and serve.

Online Psychology Degree Program Highlights

  • 100% online degree
  • Study psychology from a Christ-centered perspective, wherein the concepts of Christian theology inform the psychological components of the individual and society.
  • Apply scientific methods and evidenced based research to understand, describe, predict, and analyze individual and societal behavior

For over 25 years, Montreat College’s School of Adult and Graduate Studies in North Carolina has been helping adult students acquire essential skills, complete their degrees, and take their career to the next level. Montreat offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in a classroom or online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the start dates for the Psychology degree program?

Please see the admissions page for specific enrollment and start dates.

How long does it take to complete the online Psychology degree program?

A Bachelor’s Degree is 120 credit hours and can take one to four years to complete depending upon the amount of credits you transfer in.

What are the length of online courses?

Starting Fall 2021, all courses will be eight-week sessions. There are 2 sessions in a semester. To be considered a full-time undergraduate student, a student must take 12 credit hours per semester. For the 12 credit hours, the student must take 2 courses (6 credit hours) the first eight-week session and 2 courses (6 credit hours) the second eight-week session. Semesters in this Psychology Program Online are offered Spring, Summer, and Fall.

How much does the Psychology degree program cost?

Montreat College programs are competitively priced, and we offer multiple forms of financial aid to help you achieve your educational goals.  Please see the current AGS Tuition and Fees page here.  Also, please keep in mind that there are multiple college and government financial aid programs available to help mitigate the cost of your education. You can learn more about your financial aid options

What professional fields does this degree prepare me to potentially enter?

  • Rehabilitation specialties
  • Psychiatric technician roles
  • Career counseling
  • Probation officer
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Market researcher
  • Academic advising
  • And other settings

What graduate programs does this degree prepare me to apply for?

  • Psychology
  • Counseling psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Political science
  • Clinical research
  • Neuroscience
  • Journalism

What is the job market and security like for people with a Psychology degree?

The job security with this degree has a projected outcome, through year 2028, is at 11-14% growth. People are needed to work within this field. A background in psychology can be applied to jobs in almost every industry and in roles that involve understanding or guiding human behavior such as business, counseling, teaching, and social service. Increasing interest in undergraduate degrees in psychology has also led to growth in psychology degrees, which prepare students for entry-level jobs or graduate study.

What are the admissions requirements?

Applicants must submit the following for admissions consideration:

  • Montreat College Application for Admission
  • Official, final transcripts of all college courses taken*
  • Overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or higher in all previous college work attempted.
  • Official, final high school transcript or its equivalent (if transferring less than 12 semester credits of college credit)*
  • American Council on Education (ACE) verification demonstrating any eligible CLEP and DSST examinations, and non-collegiate military training.

*All final transcripts must include graduation information


PSYC 2300 Research Methods

This course is designed for upper level undergraduate students majoring in human services and psychological studies. The course will provide an introduction to research methodology and a basic framework to evaluate critically social and behavioral science research. You will be exposed to and tested on the major concepts and methods for generating hypotheses and designing a multi-measure study. This course should enable you to evaluate more critically the claims of “experts” in the popular press as well as in the scientific literature. It will also serve as preparation for graduate-level research. (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre­-Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 2400 Personality

Basic principles of personality structure, dynamics, development, assessment, and theory are discussed. Consideration is given to both the environmental and biological determinants of personality. (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre-­Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 2500 Psychology and Theology Integration

A survey of the integration of Theology and Psychology with an emphasis on the theological grounding of human development, an examination of modern and postmodern understandings of soul care, and the discovery of strengths within the intersection of the theological and psychological. The topics to be covered include the following: defining integration, the holistic relationship formed within a theologically and psychologically integrative approach, the relevancy of psychology in the theological field, the relevancy of theology in the psychological field, recognizing the work of theology and psychology as soul care, theological resources for further developing one’s psychology, moral and faith development within a theologically understood human development model, and how relationships with God and others impact individual and societal psychology. (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre-­Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 3100 Abnormal Psychology

A survey of the current categories of abnormal behavior emphasizing symptoms, major theories of causality, and current treatment methods. (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre­-Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 3110 Social Psychology

The study of the behaviors and thoughts of individuals as influenced by actual or perceived social factors and other individuals. (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre-­Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 3200 Introduction to Neuroscience

Students will study the molecular, cellular, behavioral, and computational mechanisms of the brain. Students within this course will learn the structures and functions of the nervous system and brain. (3 credits) Pre­-Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 3300 Educational Psychology

Students will study the application of psychological theories and principles to education and teaching. Among the topics covered are learning, motivation, individual differences, classroom evaluation, and classroom management. (3 credits) Pre­-Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 3400 Attitudes, Measurement, and Change

Students will examine theory, research, and application in attitudes and change. Exploration of research regarding the growing field of implicit attitudes as well as the more traditional study of persuasion will be addressed. Additionally, the effects of attitude and change, as is understood within the concept of humanity’s information processing and behavior will be explored. (3 credits) Pre­-Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 3500 Developmental Psychology

An overview of the human life span from conception through end of life. Continuity of development as well as critical periods faced by the maturing human are emphasized using contemporary theories and research as foundation materials. Biological, physical, cognitive, emotional, sociocultural and spiritual changes across the life span are discussed. (3 credits) Pre-­Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC/HUMA 3900 Pre-Internship

The purpose of this course is to prepare students for the practicum/internship experience. Topics included are internship selection, making the most of the internship, resume building, and facing internship challenges. (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre-­Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 3941 Internship

Supervised internship provides the student with the opportunity to integrate classroom instruction with practical on-the-job learning in various areas of psychology related fields. Pre-­Requisites: PSYC 3900 and all other major courses besides PSYC 4400.

PSYC 4100 Theories and Principles of Counseling

An examination of several of the major theories of counseling in working with individuals, families, and small groups. Included are principles and techniques utilized in assessment, crisis intervention, contracts, and development of the therapeutic relationship. A skills component is also included. (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre­-Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 4200 Learning and Memory

This course provides a basic overview of the principles, theories and applications of learning and memory. We will cover basic research, theory and applications in human learning, memory, information processing, verbal learning, conditioning and social learning. The knowledge you take away from this course will be useful to you in a wide variety of settings- not only psychology but also in your own personal and professional worlds. (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre-­Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life

PSYC 4400 Senior Seminar

Examines the themes of authenticity, self-actualization, and the application of psychological theory in order to explore major Christian worldview questions (what is success in life, how do I become more Christ like, etc.). (3 credits, 5 weeks) Pre­Requisite: PSYC1100 Psychology Applied to Modern Life


Gregg Blanton
Professor of Psychology, Human Services, and Clinical Mental Health