Montreat College students displayed excellence at the annual meeting of the Southeast Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (SEACSM) this year. SEACSM is one of the most prestigious and high-caliber conferences in the fields of exercise science, sports medicine and other preventative and rehabilitative health sciences. 

Along with health professionals such as medical doctors, physical therapists and industry researchers, there are roughly one hundred colleges and universities that participate. 

Highlights from Montreat students include a multitude of honors and awards. Seniors Jenna Mallory and Anna Helen Marshall earned recognition as the top undergraduate research project at the event. This honor is exceptionally notable as the students placed first out of 440 accepted presentations. The title of their top ranking study was “Effect of Personality and Competition on Heart Rate Variability and Salivary Stress Markers.” 

In addition to this, other notable student work includes research from Jim Connaghman, Wyatt Bagget, Dakota Garcia and a team consisting of Hannah Oliver and Liam Harrison. All of these students’ work received considerable interest, building momentum for next year’s meeting. 

The Student Bowl team, consisting of Wyatt Baggett, Matt Smith and Jenna Mallory placed 10th out of 32. The Student Bowl sets teams of three against each other in a competition of exercise science/sports medicine field and clinical knowledge. 

Throughout the competition, Montreat professors received feedback from various individuals at the event noting the passion, excitement and unity among the Montreat students, making them stand out during the competition. 

This year’s accomplishments are an indication of how the Montreat College Exercise Science program is establishing a strong reputation amongst graduate and professional programs throughout the Southeast. Congratulations to all Montreat students on their success at the SEACSM competition.