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page  The Montreat College Friends of Music, an auxiliary organization of the College, sponsors quality musical performances on campus for the…  Read more »
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page  We’re uniquely committed to funding our students. Unlike most schools, our annual fund is dedicated solely to academic and need-based…  Read more »
page  Jazz Cathcart, Montreat College alum of ’07, knows the burden weighing down low-income children. He grew up in a single-parent…  Read more »
news  North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU) will host its inaugural Ethics Bowl competition with a focus on “Ethics in…  Read more »
page  Christ is our keystone—the source of our strength. Without his blessings, we would fall. Just like the stones of the…  Read more »
page  A gift to Montreat is a gift of intention—one that makes lasting impact around the world. Our students leave to…  Read more »