Holy Week - Montreat College

Holy Week

Each day of Holy Week, Rachel Toone will be posting to @montreatcollege on Instagram with some direction for these Holy Week practices. Follow along!

Palm Sunday

  • Read: Mark 11:1-11 – Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. What surprises you about this story?
  • Reflect: Psalm 24
  • Engage: Find two friends to observe these Holy Week readings and rhythms with you (debrief every evening via Facetime or Zoom). Then go for a walk and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you something new about our Triune God this Holy Week.


  • Read: Genesis 22:1-18 and John 1:29 – An early Old Testament story that foreshadows what will happen to Jesus. What does this story say about God and his plan to rescue the world? How does the story hint at Jesus?
  • Reflect: Psalm 42
  • Engage: Kneel to pray when you wake up, around lunch time, and before you go to bed. Your prayers can be short and sweet, but there’s something powerful about getting on your knees. Keep it up for the rest of the week!


  • Read: Isaiah 52:13-53:12 – A passage that prophecies what Jesus is about to experience. According to Isaiah, why does Jesus choose to go through all that suffering?
  • Reflect: Psalm 6
  • Engage: After reading Psalm 6, spend 5 minutes in silence confessing your sin before the Lord.


  • Read: John 14 – The last conversation Jesus has with his disciples before going to the cross. What is Jesus saying about himself? What is his plan for us?
  • Reflect: Practice lectio divina with John 14:1-7. Read the text slowly at least four times, noticing what word, phrase or image stands out to you. Ask the Holy Spirit what he wants to teach you.

Maundy Thursday

  • • Read: John 13:1-17, 31-35 and Matthew 26:36-45 – The account of the Last Supper and Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. This day is called Maundy Thursday, which comes from the Latin word for “commandment.” What is Jesus’ parting shot to his disciples? According to Jesus, what does it look like to really love someone?
    • Reflect: Lamentations 3:22-33.
    • Engage: Wash the feet of every member of your household tonight in remembrance of Jesus.

Good Friday

  • Read: John 18:28-19:37 – Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. Why is this day called “Good Friday?” What happened when Jesus died? What about it was good?
  • Reflect: Psalm 22 – The words Jesus cries out from the cross.
  • Engage: Today, thousands of Christians across denominations are fasting and intentionally praying these prayers. Join in this time of prayer and fasting on behalf of our world – you can also wear black as a sign of mourning. Read more details on why Christians fast.

Holy Saturday

  • Read: Matthew 27:57-66 – The burial of Jesus. On this day, Jesus was dead and in the ground. What do you think the disciples were feeling? Try to imagine their experience.
  • Reflect: Psalm 16
  • Engage: Unplug from technology completely today.

Easter Sunday

  • Read: John 20 – The resurrection of Jesus. Who do you most identify with in this story? What does the resurrection mean for you?
  • Reflect: Psalm 98
  • Engage: Party! Throw a resurrection celebration for Jesus with your family – don’t forget the cupcakes. Post for your party photos and tag @montreatcollege!