Special Programs at Montreat College

Montreat College hosts a wide range of co-curricular programs and events dedicated to enriching the local community and educating students through intellectual inquiry, spiritual formation, and preparation for calling and career.
Calling & Career Week

Calling & Career Week is a bi-annual symposium featuring speakers and resources from around the world, all focused on helping students discern and prepare for their calling and career. It is a chance to think, learn, and be inspired by a Christian vision of God’s call on our lives. It features main sessions and additional workshops dedicated to exploring a broad and deep Christian vision of calling and career.

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Crossroads: Faith and Culture Project is a bi-annual event designed by Montreat College to help our students and local community develop their ability to experience, engage, and learn from culture within the context of a Christ-centered worldview. We acknowledge the centrality of the arts to the human experience, as both an expression of the human condition and a revelation of God’s character, and we believe that the experience of the arts collectively–music, film, literature, theatre, and visual art–is an essential part of a full Christian life and education. Crossroads has been in existence for 19 years at Montreat.

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Spiritual Emphasis Week

At Montreat, we frequently invite thoughtful guest speakers to speak to our campus community on topics of theological, spiritual, and biblical significance. Spiritual Emphasis Week is special time dedicated to spiritual life discussions.

Retr3at Cybersecurity Conference

The Retr3at Cybersecurity Conference is an annual symposium featuring national leaders and innovators in the field of cybersecurity. The event is open to both Montreat students and the general public.

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Third Thursday Worship

Third Thursday Worship is hosted by the college’s Worship Arts program and takes place during the school year in the Chapel of the Prodigal on the third Thursday of every month.

Montreat Film Festival

The Montreat Film Festival is an annual event featuring original short films by local filmmakers, followed by a gala reception featuring hors d’oeuvres provided by local restaurants.

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Creative Writing Festival

Montreat’s Creative Writing Festival is an annual event of workshops and competitions that caters to local high school students.

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Team and Leadership Center

Montreat students have the unique opportunity to serve at the Team and Leadership Center (TLC). At the TLC, it’s all about group development. The facility centers on a ropes course, but not just any ropes course. It’s designed to challenge participants and groups physically, cognitively, emotionally, and cohesively. These challenges aid in overcoming obstacles to trust and communication, they foster leadership transformation, and they facilitate dynamic, team-oriented relationships.

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MYLES of Science

MYLES of Science is an environmental training and research program for 9th– 12th grade students (age 14-18) who have an interest in nature and science. We offer multi-day, science-intensive, adventure trips in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. During the 6-day trip, students will explore a variety of ecosystems (while backpacking and hiking) and collect important scientific data along the way. Students will also interact with Ph.D. and professional scientists to learn more about field-based science. MYLES of Science is a non-profit outreach program operated by the Outdoor Education Department at Montreat College and funded through the Burroughs Wellcome Fund (www.bwfund.org).

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McCall Continuing Education

We offer a variety of classes on engaging topics taught by local experts—designed especially for our community members. Classes are held at local gathering spaces such as Highland Farms. We also host regular events that are a great way to stay engaged.

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