Chapel and Convocation

Montreat College is a place to grow your relationship with Christ, both in and out of the classroom. There are always new opportunities to be inspired. We gather regularly to worship, learn, and grow our faith.


Chapel services

Weekly chapel services are a focus of worship for the whole community. They also bring distinguished speakers and groups to the college who address the significance of Christian faith and activity in the world today.



Convocation features a full spectrum of cultural and educational events intended to broaden the horizons and enrich the experience of the student body. We continually seek out gifted and influential authors, thinkers, workers, and artists with a heart for Christ to come speak to us.

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Students earn a convocation credit for each convocation or chapel attended. Credit requirements are 20 for freshmen, 15 for sophomores, and 10 for juniors. There is no convocation credit requirement for seniors.