Class Participation Method (CPM) Change Appeal


If your reason for changing your CPM is related to COVID-19, follow the guidance under the “Health” heading on this webpage: A change to your CPM to “virtual” may be necessary.

If your reason for changing your CPM is for academic or other health reasons, continue with this form.

Instructions to Student

Step 1 – Complete this form and seek preliminary approval from the Interim VPAA, Dr. Laura Neuzil. If approved, complete the remaining steps.

Step 2 – Seek the consent of all your instructors via email (a sample is included below). NOTE: Consent must be unanimous among your instructors for the change to be approved.

Step 3 – If all of your instructors consent to the change, scan and send this complete form with all signatures (or emailed consent in lieu of a signature to the Office of the Registrar ( Type “Class Participation Change” in the Subject line. When the change is entered in the system you will be notified by email.