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Course Participation Method (CPM) Change Appeal


If your reason for changing your CPM is related to COVID-19, follow the guidance on this webpage: A change to your CPM to “virtual” may be necessary.

If your reason for changing your CPM is for academic or other health reasons, continue with this form.

Policies & Information

1. There are two methods: seated and virtual.

Seated means the student is in the physical classroom during scheduled class meeting times for each course.

Virtual means the student attends the class meetings virtually through the Internet (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.) during scheduled class meeting times for each course.

2. A student’s semester CPM selection procedure is time-determined.

Before semester registration (drop/add) closes, contact the following offices:

  • Housing Office[1]
  • Student Financial Services[2]
  • Office of the Registrar

After semester registration (drop/add) closes, the student must follow the CPM appeal process ( NOTE: Contacting the Housing Office and Student Financial Services is strongly encouraged.

NOTE: Pre-approval is required to change from one CPM to the other. Instructors will mark students absent who do not complete the appeal process.

3. The student should not – at any time – decide to return home to complete the semester virtually WITHOUT AN APPROVED APPEAL. Again, instructors will mark the student absent who has not been formally approved to switch to virtual.

4. There is a deadline for submitting a CPM appeal change.

Spring semester deadline: Friday, 26 March, 2021. (The form must be received by the Office of the Registrar by this date.)

If approved, the student will be notified by email (from Registrar). The notice will include the “effective date” of the new CPM (usually 2 business days). The student should continue participating in the current/old method until the effective date.

5. Changing the CPM can affect financial aid award levels.

When changing to virtual CPM includes living off-campus, financial aid may be reduced based on a lower Cost of Attendance budget for commuter students.

6. A student is allowed only one CPM appeal per semester.


Step 1 (to be completed by the student)

Request an CPM Appeal form by emailing NOTE: If you have a Montreat employee who will sponsor your appeal, include their name and Montreat email address in your request.

Step 2 (to be completed by the student)

Complete and submit the CPM Appeal form.

Step 3 (to be completed by the Review Committee)

Your appeal will be reviewed and a decision made.

Step 4 (to be completed by the Office of the Registrar)

Notice of the committee decision will be issued to you via your Montreat email address. If approved, your “effective date” will be included.


[1] “Contact” means to provide information and/or obtain approval for a residency change, if applicable.
[2] “Contact” means to inquire about the impact on aid if residency changes.