Resume Assistance

Want a great job? You’ll need a great resume. If you want to land an interview, you’ll have to wow them at first sight. Don’t worry. We can help you write a resume that positively and genuinely frames your strengths, your character, and your capacity for growth in any field.


Helpful tools

Work experience worksheet (PDF)
Because organization is essential. Use one of these for each job.

Resume template (Word doc)
A foundational template to develop your first draft. This one was developed especially for new graduates. If you’re experienced, we can help you choose from other formats during your appointment. Consider this a starting point.

Resume guide (PDF)
Communicate your skills and experiences clearly and concisely. Review this guide for tips on writing, organization, and content.

Cover letter example and guide (PDF)
Resumes are generally accompanied by a cover letter. This guide helps you put together a solid introduction—another critical piece of marketing your abilities. Create a draft using this form and we’ll review it together.

References template (Word doc)
This is the final page of the process. The best combination of references includes a combination of faculty in your major and individuals in your field, such as an internship or other job.

After you complete a first draft, you’re ready to make an appointment.

We look forward to helping you distinguish your skills, knowledge, and experience.