Homecoming Ambassadors

Homecoming Ambassadors serve as representatives of Montreat College for Homecoming 2017, October 6-7. All ambassadors will volunteer at one Homecoming event (time commitment = two hours).

Montreat College Homecoming Ambassadors are a diverse group of student leaders who are passionate about their alma mater and committed to bridging the gap between students and alumni. Ambassadors will help to communicate the College’s history, personality and traditions to alumni, parents, and friends that return to Montreat for Homecoming.

Becoming an Ambassador is a great opportunity to become more active on campus, meet new people,and get a free Montreat College t-shirt!

Please complete the following application prior to September 15th to be considered. If you have questions, please contact Grace Hollandsworth at grace.hollandsworth@montreat.edu.

Apply to become a Homecoming Ambassador