Hunt Briggs ’98

“Green Solutions for God’s Creation”

Montreat Degree: Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies
Graduation Year: 1998
Post-graduate Degrees: Master’s in Entrepreneurship at Western Carolina University, Master’s in Environmental Science and Business Administration from University of Michigan
Title: Founder of ReGenerate Solutions

“Jesus’s message of love and care for others aligns with the core principles of eco-justice, and many environmental problems could be avoided if everyone shared the Christian ethic of stewardship for all of creation,” says Montreat grad Hunt Briggs—and he knows what he’s talking about. Hunt is co-founder of ReGenerate Solutions, a green-friendly company responsible for developing the award-winning “Compact Organic Waste Station” (COWS), a revolutionary system that transforms waste from supermarkets and cafeterias into renewable energy and organic compost.

Hunt’s passion for the environment was fired by the hands-on experience he gained at Montreat. “The wilderness became the classroom,” he says. “We learned about the origins of the Appalachians by scrambling up Table Rock. Dr. Brad Daniel took us up Black Balsam so we could touch metamorphic rock, and taught us the ‘leave no trace’ ethic of backcountry travel.” During his time at Montreat, Hunt cultivated the interests that have guided his post-graduate vocation. “Montreat opened my eyes to the concept of an ‘ecological footprint,’ how everything from our food and transportation choices, to energy production and our built environment affects the world around us.” And his lab experiments with Dr. Mark Lassiter—particularly one which sought to generate bio-fuel from household paper—inspired his curiosity about new and innovative ways today’s waste could be turned into tomorrow’s resources. “Dr. Lassiter was a very influential mentor. He always encouraged me and really inspired my vision for finding innovative, sustainable solutions.”