Gabi Cho ’14

“The Gift of Faculty Mentoring”

Montreat Degree: Bachelor’s in Biology
Graduation Year: 2014
Title: Ph.D. Student at University of Georgia

When recent grad Gabi Cho transferred to Montreat College prior to her junior year, she appreciated the differences immediately. “I had started college at the University of Rochester, and even though it was a private college, I wasn’t able to get the attention from the professors that I was able to get at Montreat. I think that was the biggest difference.”

Through the personal attention Gabi received, she was able build relationships with her professors. “Dr. Mark Lassiter was my advisor and I worked closely with him. I was Dr. Maggie Ray’s lab assistant, and she was really friendly; she gave me advice. Also, Dr. Jim Shores and Dr. Brian Joyce. They were all good mentors.” And when it came time to think about grad schools, Gabi realized just how valuable those relationships were. “They wrote recommendation letters for me, and Dr. Lassiter helped me a lot in figuring out what research to do. I didn’t have lots of research experience, but I was able to do my own research project under Dr. Lassiter. I think that was highly thought of by grad schools.” In the end, Gabi was accepted by eight prestigious grad schools, eventually choosing the Ph.D. program in microbiology at the University of Georgia. Gabi is also quick to point out how important Montreat’s Christ-centeredness was to her. “Just to be surrounded by God-fearing people was really helpful. And my professors, whenever I had trouble, I went to them and they prayed for me. I really appreciated their presence there.”