Alicia Henson ’12

“Once in a Lifetime Community”

Montreat Degree: Bachelor’s in Psychology & Human Services
Graduation Year: 2012
Title: Graduate Student at Wake Forest University

When Alicia Henson looks back on her time at Montreat, it’s the life-changing community that stands out for her. “The whole four years were filled with creative growth for me—growth mentally, academically, and spiritually,” she says. “The relationships that you’re able to build while you’re there with classmates, professors, coaches, mentors—it’s a priceless experience. I don’t think I will ever get anything like that ever again.”

For Alicia, Montreat’s close-knit community was the perfect environment for learning. “The small class size allows the professors to do more than just lecture you; they get to know you on a personal level. Dr. Gregg Blanton really inspired me to go into the counseling field specifically, and Dr. Brad Faircloth was a big influence, relating psychology to the Christian worldview in a really interesting way. I really appreciated that.” The education and mentorship she gained at Montreat has been invaluable for Alicia’s post-graduate study at Wake Forest. “I’ve definitely felt like I’ve been ahead of the game. A lot of what I’ve done so far in grad school has been things that I learned at Montreat, just more detail, more specific context. Montreat really prepared me well for grad school.”