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By: Christian Young

First of all, a small disclaimer: aside from the locations of Valencia, the Central Valley, and the San Fernando Valley in California, all people, places, organizations and events in this series of short stories are purely fictional. Any relation to actual people, places, organizations and events is mostly coincidental.

With that out of the way, I’ll ask you the following: after reading Homicide on the Homestead, Nurture or Nature?, and Vengeance in Valencia Vintage, how did John and Grace Presser die? Did little Timmy murder his parents, or were more mysterious forces at play?

There is a definite answer to those questions, but I’m not going to say here what it is. Instead, you’ll have to figure out what the police missed when conducting their investigation (and possibly do some research of your own, if by some miracle you’re that invested in the story) and ask me who has done it. If you can’t find me in person, shoot me an email at cyoung1@montreat.edu. If you get it right…I don’t know, I’m not going to offer a prize or anything, so let’s just say you get bragging rights for solving a stupid puzzle where the author didn’t give enough clues to what the answer was. Sound fair? To help you out, I’ll give you three clues:

  1. They definitely died in the manner that the police discovered.
  2. Timmy was definitely outside with his weird crow friends at the time when the bowls were left unattended.
  3. The fact that the stories are separate from each other bears some significance to the story. I won’t say what that significance is.

There you go. Three clues is all you get. Have fun! (Oh, and if I made it too hard by not providing enough clues…sorry.)

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