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Untitled Poem

By: Lexi Hudson

The earth and seas and stars did not need me
Neither did He, yet here I stand freely.
Crafted out of a love scandal none did foresee.
His love flowed freely as He once bid me
To tend the soil from whence I came.
Yet lonely was I, no one to call my name.

I can say that He was all I needed,
And all of my needs were headed.
But there was one piece of me
I felt I had yet to see.
Perhaps a helper much greater than I
Through which His love would magnify.

I fell into a deep sleep and in my dream I saw
Only adoration, bliss, sacrifice and awe.
When I awoke, the lengths of the universe shook
As I saw her standing near an opulent brook.
Formed from my flesh and built by my bones,
Her alto voice was singing in honey dripped tones.

She was the most beautiful creature I ever had seen.
My breath had halted as she glided towards me.
The pinnacle of creation stood right by my side—
Where my rib was taken for my heavenly bride.
Then sings my soul my Savior God to Thee
Oh how I had wished for every day like this to be.

Not knowing that she would lead to my demise,
I adorned her with praises that reached to the skies.
We did walk hand in hand without any shame
Until we rejected our Holy Father’s name.
This pinnacle that I once loved had killed me inside
Now from Him and her I must run and hide.

That fruit she offered me was sweet for a moment
But now I must ask for a forever forgiving atonement.
My hands are now filthy, dirty and stained
For which I sorrowfully hang my head in eternal pain.
Now such guilt and regret can be plainly seen
Which can only be absolved by a humble Nazarene.

Thank you for the sweet warmth you’ve brought to me others,
bringing those of different backgrounds to the closest of brothers.
You resound beyond every circumstance and dialect,
absolutely nothing compares to your effect.
Your specialty is keeping impartialities vast distances apart;
the perfect remedy for the faint of heart.
Walking into lives at opportune moments never undesired,
you are the cure-all, end-all, the perfect ceasefire.
You are often associated with joyous occasions, life’s highest peaks,
painting cascading beams of sunlight across rosy cheeks.
Thank you for filling voided night skies with opulent constellations,
for being a force stronger than gravity, without preservation.

He was highly favored and deeply loved.
A mighty warrior was he, his leadership significantly above.
Son of Jesse, raised to be a Shepherd and nothing more.
He had slain the giant as a boy, something never seen before.
He went to the front lines, out of the fields he was from,
To later bring honor to the Almighty Kingdom.
As a man his fleshly desires were strong, having many faults.
Seeing her bathing on the roof, sin was committed by default.
He was redeemed by grace, undeserved was he.
David was loved and cherished, and in ways David is like me.

The sun went down last night,
And your memories are set alight.
Of all that could have been,
Because they found that to pretend
Is much easier than investing the feelings
And sharing oneself— it is difficult to be revealing.

It takes two to be strangers,
And no one can fully warn you of the dangers
Of wearing your heart of your sleeve.
Not that you would believe,
It’s something you need to learn on your own—
Please stop checking your phone.

Being told no
Is much like finding a foe,
An arranged yet unwanted opposition,
A simple and one-sided decision.
Being rejected will hurt if you don’t see it coming
A sorrowful look is one that’s not so becoming.

The sun came up today.
And tomorrow it will relay
The message that you will be alright
This predicament will not always remain a plight.
How tragic it is to want a counter part
And before you even fall you must depart.

Spring 2020 Issue