Untitled Poem 1 | The Lamp Post | Spring 2020 - Montreat College
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Untitled Poem

By: Carson Yates

Like the slow dance of Sun and Moon, a rise and fall with each passing
The momentum of catastrophe seems far too great, too grand to ever find reversal
Just as the dark Moon falls again, her quiet reign is lapsing.
Just as heartache has played with you in full, its strike yields diminishing returns.
Like death summons life, Moon succumbs to the gracious warmth of Sun.
As the debts become paid,
As tears become dry,
As the tired mind awakens,
So Springs forward Joy, to ravish you in light
Devastation has met its match and momentarily, freedom seems known
The game of exchange will play on, leaving you living on a coin flip, always held up in outcomes
However, the true transcendence of this war is found in the balance.
As dark acquaints light, as Love battles Hate, as death creates life, the freedom of the soul rests in embracing the story of an effervescent equilibrium.

Spring 2020 Issue