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Ode to winter

By: Lillian Queen

from the winds which howl and bluster
ever of their own discontented run
to the creeks which let out a shivering mutter
and shine like gold and silver filigree in the early sun

there is a drowsiness in the still air
the daisies, bees, and other flying things unknown
have been replaced with a feathery snowy fare
which floats down from old Solomon’s whetstone

and while you sit in your windowsills and gaze up at the sky
it is dark now, much sooner than it was before
and Jupiter is growing nigh
the mind is weary and yet the heart longs for the shore

to return to the summer and sound of the sea breeze
to run and not be trapped, as you are now, by the hands on the clocks
to smell the hyacinth, the crocuses, and the daisies
but you must ignore the incessant gladiolus’s mocks

winter only seems as if it came prematurely
when you are halfway through it and the end is still so far away
you took for granted the fiery nature of the fall until the sun behaved demurely
now Minerva has crept into your song and kept foolishness at bay

but she has made a trade with this song
she’s brittled your bones and broken your teeth
and stolen the hair which used to grow so long
and that is that, but what lies beneath?

things to remember as you wait alone in your house
of all the jolly springs and mischievous things
ideas of music and love, once enjoyed, run around like a mouse
and as the sky reaches its darkest, they paint a hymn on these new wings

Spring 2020 Issue