Letter From the Editors | The Lamp Post | Spring 2020
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To the Readers of the Lamp Post:

To the Readers of the Lamp Post:

This edition of Montreat College’s literary magazine cannot create a satisfying conclusion without taking a minute to recognize the current international pandemic, how it has affected production of The Lamp Post, and how people have stepped up to give their all during this time of crisis.

Because of Buncombe County’s “Stay Home – Stay Safe” declaration, the editorial staff for this release have been split up for a significant portion of the submission and editing process, which of course made it more difficult to collaborate as a team while still making our pre-pandemic deadlines. More importantly, however, the practice of self-isolation and its effects also severed the lines of communication between editors and creators: the wonderful God-given people whose handiwork you just experienced. With this in mind, the editors of The Lamp Post would like to extend their gratitude and appreciation towards the writers, photographers, painters, and poets who helped us navigate the highly adapted editorial system in order to be able to release on time. This edition would not be possible without their flexibility, and we have been blessed to be able to work with them.

Even in these difficult times, The Lamp Post has striven to achieve its goal of providing a showcase for the creative abilities of Montreat College students, faculty, and alumni, and only after receiving as wide a range of submissions as we did can we say for certain that this goal was met. Unfortunately, we couldn’t accept every work of art which we received, but the fact that we received so many is a testament to the creativity of the Montreat community.

Many thanks must be given to our faculty advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Juckett, who took on the difficult task of overseeing the development of The Lamp Post, and who also guided the editorial staff as we adjusted to the new normal in order to produce an excellent product in which we can all take pride.

It’s been a hard time for all of us, but we hope that we were able to provide some small method of relaxation through this edition of The Lamp Post. It was truly an honor and a blessing to see the Montreat community unmasked in their artistic abilities, but now we must sadly request that the masks go back on for your own safety: there’s a deadly virus on the loose, after all.

With prayers for a future of hope and healing,
The Lamp Post Editorial Staff

Spring 2020 Issue