Conversing the Path | The Lamp Post | Spring 2020 - Montreat College
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Conversing the Path

By: Amy Flagler

The path before us is muddied,
Puddles fill, reflecting what I miss when my eyes are only looking down.

Look up at Me, not at your feet!
Is hope before you in the dirt?
Does faith grow when shoes hit soil, plodding forward, end unknown?
Let Me choose your next step, look at all I have made for you today.
Enjoy My creation.
Take steps along the path I have set before you.
Trust My ways over your own.

Hope grows as I glimpse new growth.
Tiny leaves beginning to unfurl like a hand beckoning, come see!
Faith flourishes in my change of attention, loosening straps around myself, arms swinging as my pace settles in.
Love’s tendrils escape my tight grip, extending beyond where I see, setting root amongst brambles deep.

Yes, this is what I mean when I call you to walk with Me!

Spring 2020 Issue