Acolyte | The Lamp Post | Spring 2020 - Montreat College
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By: Danielle Schroeder

There are some souls who inherently long for the sacred.

There is religion in the councils of constellations and the seas on lunar planes.

And perhaps worship of the humane is only understood by those who seek it. Acolytes

understand that chapels reside in open spaces of a sought deity. The ravens that cry thrones

and kingdoms perch upon electric wires, blessing the understood with understanding cries. And

fanfares and overtures manifest in cacophonous climaxes that cadence through hair down to

the fingertips.

The peaks of gentle giant mountains are the altars upon which we bow in devotion; it is the only

physical location upon which lying prostrate into the mineral soil is effective because the clouds

are prostrate next to you.

And yet there are religions that can’t be taught or advertised. Or even spoken about. The

unspoken silences are the steeples that a pilgrim travels to find. Look for the stained-glass

windows; colored stories that sabotage all manners of dull normalcy.

There is divine in the devotion.

Spring 2020 Issue