You're Beautiful Still | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College

You’re Beautiful Still

By Brad Wilder

Staring in the mirror searching for who are you
Afraid to live for today but you search for tomorrow
Life has shown you the worse so the dreams you once chased now seem so far
You opened your heart and was yet again let down, it seems when you want to chat there’s no one around.
Miserable and feeling incomplete now depression creeps in and you cry yourself to sleep.
Feeling like an outcast and all alone and many days you ask how I can go on.
You rise every day and be hopeful still trying to do what’s right but try as you might those demons creep out when day turns to night.
Look once more in the mirror and see the truth, the beautiful person you’re looking for is staring back at you.
Pick up your head and smile your unique smile, pain is temporary, and it’ll be over after a while.
Life is tough but so are you, you must keep going so get up and step back in your shoes.
There’s a purpose for you and only you, you have the choice to stay down or get up …. Which one will you do.
You’re beautiful still

Spring 2019 Issue