White Marble | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College
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White Marble

By Kayla Trotter

How can it be

Your skin is marble
They way you stand makes the whole world sparkle
I never would’ve known you were a statue
Now all I can do is marvel

Your stance has so much confidence
Your flow drapes like a toga
You’re not scared of anything
A back and forth kind of elegance

Your face is unshakeable
The sunlight clings to your shadows
You’re not stone cold at all
The way you control it is unbelievable

Your voice carries like a melody
You welcome nature on your shoulders
Birds, go to you not to defecate, but to sing
The words you speak are full of integrity

There was no way I could tell
There were no signs or symbols
You were just you
In all this you were quell

But how can it be

I think back to when I met you
All I can think was that you looked familiar
I’m begging you to help a fellow gargoyle
How do you live this life and live it beautifully

Spring 2019 Issue