Where It’s Dim | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College
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Where It’s Dim

By Kayla Trotter

I want to be somewhere where it’s dark
Where it’s dim
Where God can’t see all my sin

Where the light won’t burn me again

I want to be surrounded by neon lights
Where it’s dim
Where our smiles are the sunshine that  we seek

Where the light won’t make me weak

I want to be muted by the loud slowed music
Where it’s dim
Where we dance and forget all our strife

Where the light won’t affect my life

I want to die slowly under covers
Where it’s dim
Where love says it really loves me

Where the light’ll never see

I want to forget and never remember
Where it’s dim

Where I can become anything

But it will won’t it?

Restless days
Restful nights
My heart cries for help
Because nothing feels right

But everything else does

Spring 2019 Issue