The Spirits Song | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College
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The Spirits Song

By Liam Munholand

As inspired by the beautiful song between God and man, which continuously plays in the foreground of my mind, my days, and my relationships. This is the song of Christ, the Spirit’s divine interpretation of His beauty and grace.

I am reminded by the listening of playlists
Created with her curves in mind, closing around the dips,
Loosening my groove and swinging my hips.
It is then that the shadows of her instrumental façade
Root themselves within,
Explicitly expressing the undying request
Of playing along, alone…
Oh me, oh my,
These lips they tight, blowing wind round reed,
Hear the sound fly, hear it drive.
When I leave something meaningful behind,
My mind instantaneously
Fills with eager regrets,
As anxiousness incurs, the question:
Simply why?
What more is to be expected?
Which thoughts should I deny?
No matter the direction
I play what He gives me
A product of the prodigal
It is in the air where he resides.
In my soul, in my eyes,
I reap the sound. In my playing mind,
Listening to the Lord’s favor,
His passages of might, with every last breath I fight.
Not with fists, but in the art of heart,
The art of the Lord’s song.
When I play those notes, tis so sweet the sound.
That I am humbly thankful for this heavenly exchange
Between Spirit and I.
I have nothing to hide, because the Father’s love
Is deeper and sweeter than anything of mine,
His melodies are rich and friendly.
His notes capture my utmost admiration,
The yearning to be in His presence
– day and night – night and day.
In every season it is his song that I play,
The Spirit’s voice.

Spring 2019 Issue