Smells Like Teen Spirit | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019
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Smells Like Teen Spirit

By Liam Munholand

The Year 2005
Passes through my mind
As Sky High flashes before my

Instantly I
daydream of
glorified teen angst,
high school chivalry,
the coming of age story
and mellow drama

I enthrall myself with Bowling for Soup,
They Might Be Giants,
Flashlight Brown and The Click Five

Classic covers
Fueling inner desires
For perks of college wanted days

‘Higher’ Greek Life,
Finer things,
Secret meetings,
Place diversity

Life was trickier
in my teens
Nothing mattered more to me
than larger-than-life realities

Beneath present routines,
these feelings arise,
calling me back
into the realm
of awkward social cues and limited policies.

Spring 2019 Issue