Ocean Eyes | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College
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Ocean Eyes

By Anonymous

ocean eyes//
staring at me through the great abyss//
of time and space and everything that exists//
what great feat brought us to this?//
what circumstance of hell must we have
missed?// oh travel onward towards the blue//
know that the future is nothing new//
you were made to be that sea//
and me?//
merely a sailor lost in the wake//
tossing and turning looking for sanity’s sake//
you churn- a benevolent force//
and I am set on this path- to let nature take its
wading through your waters looking for home
in the end//
and you tossing about wishful I’ll start my
journey homeward again//
you know it’s only you that my soul searches
you know my heart longs for nothing more//
I look for that beacon of light in the dark of the
But you- yes you- send your waves rolling back
to me//
And there we are! crashing and shaking//
Wondering if this love affair is the others for the
you know what’s best and I’ll follow what’s
gently leading me to those ocean eyes each

Spring 2019 Issue