Light Creeps Slowly In | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019
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Light Slowly Creeps In

By Chloe Sayles

Light slowly creeps in while I lay here in this bed. Pain. Pain is all I feel. My body aches all over with no discernable source. It almost seems as though my body is fighting against itself.

I try to cry out, I try to scream, but no sound leaves my mouth. I grasp onto every bit of darkness that surrounds me. The light creeps closer. It’s been what feels like hours and not one person has come to see. All the people I thought once loved me have abandoned me. The darkness continues to grow smaller. Beep. Beep. Beep. That is the only noise that I hear in the little bit of darkness that I have left. “Don’t leave me!” I cry.

As the light starts to consume the space around me, I feel comforted, a feeling that I had never known. Continuing to be alone, I give in and creep towards the light that I had once so desperately hidden from. As I start making my way into the light, I feel a warmth throughout my body. A tingling feeling passes through me as I look down at my now clean, bright, flowing clothes.

I cover my eyes as I continue stumbling towards the shining light. I pause, looking back towards the darkness which sends a beckoning finger to me, inviting me back to its safety.

I almost turn back to the place where I had been hidden for so long. Glancing back at the light, I again limp towards it, ignoring the temptations the darkness sends to me. It is a hard, uphill battle trying to fully leave the darkness behind. “Please don’t leave me,” it moans. Clawing at my legs, the darkness tries to pull me back into the abyss that once had been my home, but was no longer.

Shaking, I finally drag myself fully out of the darkness. I stand up trying to catch my bearings in the blinding light. The first thing that I see is a bright figure that stands there in the light with arms open wide.

“Welcome my daughter.”

Spring 2019 Issue