Light Brown Eyes | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College
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Light Brown Eyes

By Alexaya McKelvey

his eyes are rain-soaked branches after stormy weather,
ceasing their constant beating in the turbulent night
with cultivated elegance once again, destined to be still only
for a moment.
they are cavernous, deeply filled to the brim with
swirling iridescence that make me blush,
my cheeks taking on peony petals for the millionth time.
it seems those eyelashes, those raven feathers that
frame his mahogany gaze, reach up to graze each
constellation that he catches with his calloused fingertips.
each time he surveys the room, my bluebird eyes flutter,
hoping he will notice the thrilling chase that my heart
has taken to catch his.
that bronze and chestnut glance puts the sun itself to shame.
I never knew light could be found in sepia chasms.

Spring 2019 Issue