Letter From The Editors | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019
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Letter From The Editors

Lamp Post Spring 2019 Editorial StaffOnce known as The Q, the Montreat College Literary Magazine has arrived on campus bearing a new name and a new image but pursing the same goal: to allow Montreat College students, faculty, and alumni to showcase their creative abilities. The creation of The Lamp Post was brought about by the united and persistent efforts of every member of our editorial team—it has been great working together and gaining valuable experience in communications, public relations, advertising, conceptualization, graphic design, event planning, submission collection, submission review, writing, copy editing, and time management.  

A symphony of gratitude must be bestowed upon Kimberly Angle and Elizabeth Juckett, whose fearless and wise leadership throughout the semester has brought forth an excellent result that we can all take pride in.

Finally, the creation of The Lamp Post would not have been possible without YOU— the readers, the thinkers, the encouragers, the creators, the photographers, and the artists.  The Lamp Post believes that we are made in the image of the Creator, and it has been an honor to witness our Montreat Community participate in the ongoing work of creation this semester.  In this issue of The Lamp Post, we have displayed art, photography, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction drawn from the minds of our own students, faculty, and alumni, and we believe that each piece reveals something unique about Montreat College. We are blessed to have the ability to showcase these talents—to bring this bit of light into the world.


The Lamp Post Editorial Team

Spring 2019 Issue