Lake Susan | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College

Lake Susan

By Micah Matheson

Color is all around me. Not just the color we see, but the color we can hear, can touch, can smell. A warm colorful day in the middle of February, God has given us. I love coming to this place. It is a place where my soul can rest. A place where the thoughts about my busy, student-athlete life can go unheard. A place where my mind can become clear. The water becomes a million ripples. The wind controls the water if it was her own. The wind paints a picture on the glass canvas of lake Susan. Her breeze gently passes my face as if she was she was trying to kiss me. Trying to give me her blessing. The trees around her bow down to worship lake Susan and her never ending beauty. The leaves and branches sway in the wind, singing praises to this masterpiece created by man, who was created by God! Amen!

Spring 2019 Issue