The Blue Walls | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College

The Blue Walls

By Lillian Queen

It almost glows in the sunlight
Ever blue, ever bright
The gaudy shade the unholy color
I’d give my right arm for something far duller
It is not the lovely blue of a bird
It is the kind that if it were heard
Would sound like your crazy Aunt Anne shrieking incorrect words
Oh why are you there you awful blue thing
Such nightmares and frustration you always do bring
Any other color but you I’d prefer
Out of this room I do hope to transfer
Who painted you onto the forbidden walls
Of my tiny old dorm with the tiny old halls
I cannot paint over you without a fine
But you’re bluer than the blue on the western coastline
An unnatural color you are to be sure
I do not see the appeal, the allure
Perhaps it was simply a joke
For when I first saw you, on my gum I did choke
You’re peeling and flaking ever so much
Much like my grandpa’s old storybook hutch

Spring 2019 Issue