A Rose | The Lamp Post | Spring 2019 - Montreat College
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A Rose

By Gabriela Arias

If there is one thing that you are
Then you are a rose
Beautifully you bloomed
So quietly
So graceful
Yet how easily you withered

You attracted those around you with your intoxicating fragrance
Though you were beautiful and drew everyone towards you
Your thorns didn’t allow anyone to get too close
Making you dangerous
They were only allowed to admire

Time passed and you couldn’t stand to be separated from others anymore
So you dethroned yourself so you could become  part of the world
A rose living so gorgeously on this Earth,
Adding elegance to wherever you went
Too soon
Too fast
Did your petals fall

No matter how exhilarating and alluring you were
It could not protect you from the cruel and uncaring world
The moment you allowed others into your heart
You shriveled up and fell to this Earth

This is how you were to my eyes
It is why I must bear your loss

Spring 2019 Issue