American Studies

The American Studies curriculum is designed to help you think reflectively and make critical decisions.

At Montreat, we see American Studies as an avenue for critical thinking, exploration, and cultural appreciation. Our students examine American history, beliefs, and values—concentrating on how these elements inform a perspective on the larger world.

Our American Studies program addresses the movement and cultural shifts of people, commerce, and ideas within the United States.

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Participate in original research about many facets of life in the United States, including its variety of subcultures.

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Take an interdisciplinary approach in American literature, social institutions, economic development, religious life, and political science.

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Gain a deep understanding of past political, social, and economic forces—and their current implications.

Career Opportunities
  • History professor or teacher
  • Sociologist
  • Lawyer
  • Foreign professor of English
  • Economist
  • Foreign service officer
  • Political scientist
  • Politician
  • Public policy specialist
  • Historical society staff
  • Historic site administrator
  • Government agency administrator
  • Cultural affairs specialist
  • FBI/CIA agent
  • Market research analyst
  • Journalist

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