Off-Campus Programs

Here, we believe in stretching your limits through life-changing moments. And stepping out of Montreat into the larger world through service, adventure, and study can open your heart to transformative experiences—supported by a Christian community.


Off-Campus and Abroad


EduVenture is a cross-cultural educational program that challenges Christian college students to grow in active faith through discipleship, academics, adventure, and community. EduVenture employs an educational philosophy that emphasizes guided experiential learning, yet combines both traditional and non-traditional approaches. Five core courses (15 credit hours) may be taken in either Fiji or Indonesia: Spiritual Formation, PE/Outdoor Education, Community Development, Cross-Cultural Communications, and Applied Missions. An additional 3 credit hours may be earned through an optional independent or guided study in Cultural Anthropology, with a concentration on Ethnography. To learn more, please contact the Center for Learning, Calling, and Career or visit

Focus on the Family Institute

The Institute provides 15 hours of academic credit during the fall and spring terms (8 in the summer). Students must have completed 45 semester hours prior to attending. The core of the Focus on the Family Institute curriculum is aimed at developing a strong, Christian worldview. Students are empowered to respond to critical social and political issues and address them with compassion. Each course tackles some of life‘s most fundamental issues: Christian worldview, marriage, family life, and church and government. A practicum experience is also provided. In addition to academics, mentoring, small groups, and outdoor adventure activities are part of the learning environment. For more information, please contact the Center for Learning, Calling, and Career or visit

Hannam University Programs

Through a partnership with Hannam University in South Korea, Montreat College students may earn credits at the university for discounted and sometimes free tuition. During the summer semester, students may earn 3 humanities or elective credits in the three-week Korea Studies Summer Program while learning about Korean culture (music, art, film, cuisine, fashion, architecture, religion), history, language, martial arts, and technology—while seeing the sights of South Korea. During the academic year, Montreat students may study at Hannam for one semester or a full year and earn academic credit for a wide variety of courses. For more information, contact the Center for Learning, Calling, and Career or email the Center for International Relations at Hannam University at

Study Program in Contemporary Europe (SPICE)

Through the College‘s partnership with Dordt College, students have the opportunity to earn 16 credits during the spring semester for study in one of three tracks: International Business, Dutch Area Studies, or Dutch Language Studies. Students live with families in Zwolle, Netherlands, and have many opportunities to interact with Dutch and Romanian students and explore how their faith affects their relationships with persons from other countries. For more information contact the Center for Learning, Calling, and Career or visit

Studies Program in Nicaragua (SPIN)

SPIN is a fall semester academic and cultural opportunity offered through the College‘s partnership with Dordt College. Students will live with host families in Leon, Nicaragua and have opportunities to interact with other Nicaraguans as they earn 16 credits studying the Spanish language, Nicaraguan/Central American worldviews, culture, history, and contemporary society, and engaging in service learning. Electives include options for specialized study in Spanish language, Nicaraguan Studies, or Agriculture in the Developing World. For more information, contact the Center for Learning, Calling, and Career or visit

Irish-American Scholar Program

Through Montreat College‘s participation in the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities Business Education Initiative, we may send up to three students per year to study for one semester or a full year in Northern Ireland. Programs of study include business, computing, performing arts, communication, and teacher education. Application deadline is February 1 for the following year. For more information, contact the Center for Learning, Calling, and Career.

Northern Ireland Program

This 15-week residential program in Northern Ireland enables students to experience a faith-based approach to exploring the complexities of the troubles in Northern Ireland so that they may understand peace and conflict resolution in their own and other societies. Through a partnership with Bluffton College, students take courses for credit at Magee College of the University of Ulster in Londonderry studying issues of peace and conflict, Irish literature and history, politics and government, and international conflict resolution. Students are housed with local families and have opportunities to meet local community leaders, church groups, constitutional political parties, and community youth workers. A number of field trips along with some weekend retreats enable students to further experience Northern Ireland outside of the classroom. Five-week internships that are arranged with local organizations (such as Oakgrove Integrated Primary School, the Foyle Women‘s Center for victims of domestic abuse, and the Holywell Trust) give students further opportunity to learn and serve. The semester abroad is conducted during the fall. Applications are due before October 30 of the previous year in order to be eligible. Students may earn up to 17 semester hours of credit. To learn more, please visit

Immersion Semester

The purpose of the Outdoor Education (OE) Immersion Semester and Certificate in Wilderness Leadership is to offer OE courses together in a semester format that will allow students the opportunity to spend time away from the Montreat College campus, live in an intentional community, and focus on developing as Christian wilderness leaders. This program is open to current Montreat college students who meet the prerequisite requirements and to others interested in attending the college for the semester certificate program only. Courses may include:

  • Leadership and Group Dynamics
  • Expedition Management
  • Field Natural History
  • Winter Outdoor Education
  • Outdoor Programming and Leadership in
    • Whitewater Canoeing
    • Kayaking
    • Rock Climbing

Students may receive certification from the American Canoe Association, Wilderness Education Association, and Wilderness First Responder. Students are required to pay regular tuition and room and board fees, plus a special course fee. Find more on our Immersion Program here.


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