David Rice - Montreat College

David Rice

Assistant Professor of Biology

David Rice

Dr. David Rice is an assistant professor of biology in the natural science department at Montreat College. Dr. Rice earned two bachelor’s degrees in biology and environmental science from Delta State University. He holds two master’s degrees – one in biology from Delta State University and another in philosophy from the University of Mississippi. In 2016 he received a Ph.D. in philosophy with an emphasis in environmental ethics from the University of Arkansas.

Dr. Rice has spent several years working in the fields of environmental science, geographic information systems (GIS), marine biology and entomology. He has a particular fondness for butterflies, birds, and marine invertebrates. He also enjoys spending time discussing current debates in philosophy of science, apologetics, philosophy of religion, environmental ethics, and logic. He loves gardening with his wife, Diana, and motorcycles.

In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Rice is also conducting research and writing in two different areas: the dynamics of butterfly mating behavior and the development and application of the Principle of Continuity within the field of evolutionary biology.