Dr. Brian J. Joyce

Professor of Natural Science

Brian J. Joyce
Dr. Brian Joyce earned his B.S. in Forest Science, his M.S. in Forest Resources, and his Ph.D. in Ecology from Penn State University. He also spent five years at Penn State as a research assistant and worked in the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry as a forester. After working as an instructor of forestry at Penn State for a year and a half, Dr. Joyce came to Montreat College in 1996 to teach environmental science.

Dr. Joyce believes that educators “make the material applicable to students’ lives. Students will not only understand it, but retain it.” Because Montreat provides smaller class sizes, Dr. Joyce enjoys the opportunity it gives him to get to know his students. Outside of the classroom, he likes to hike, hunt, and fly fish. He also enjoys seeing the world through the lens of a camera. His interests lie in plant and water relations, ecophysiology, plant hydraulic architecture, forest ecology, and forest growth modeling.


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